A downloadable game for Windows

Guide a spy into ZoS [Zaw-S] Corp and destroy the missile inside before it is launched! With unique paths that all lead to the same ending

Gameplay Video

(The video that is shown may or may not be outdated)

Install instructions

Click "save as" and put the file where you want but add a ".bat" at the end, this should let you open it.


Terminal_Spies.bat 7 kB
Terminal_Spies_Jam_Version.bat 4 kB


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Well.... Its been a couple months... I should get started on the full version of Terminal Spies....

Honestly quite fun!
One criticism: Please use the word 'Okay' less. Nearly all the sentences contain that word ;)

"Okay" I will lol

Huge update coming soon!

(1 edit)

The game is now complete! (Disclaimer: The binary is me smashing the "1" and "0" button and does not mean anything)

So tense! I loved the perspective shift, playing as someone who is "safe", but also feeling the responsibility for the one in danger. Got me  hooked, only wished it was longer \o/

Also... what's 9418008? It's killing me! :D

You'll see