This is a small bitsy game  I made so I have something to put on Halloween game-jams, Use the arrow keys to interact and move.  And be an ordinary man/woman in a psychopaths basement!

AuthorSocket Studios
Made withBitsy

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The true question is who is "YU" .

Are you YU. 

Is the dead child YU.  

Or was the game YU all along?

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I forgot the "O" in "You" but uhhh fanfiction never hurts anyone (The cross was meant for a gif for the game where the character finds out the child is dead and backs up to grab the cross, but it eventually made its way into the game)

How to perform the dark ritual - 

  1. Prepare four fronds of darkwort by mashing them to a pulp in a mortar.
  2. Place the darkwort, a goat's hoof, bezoar and a copper item in a receptacle. 
  3. Chant the Mourning Song as the contents of the receptacle are boiled over candlelight. 
  4. Burn the solution over a circle that has been burnt into the ground. Place the ash in a goblet.
  5. The goblet will begin to self-combust. The ritual will then complete. 

In Scream Jam you said you were going to do a Youtube playthrough? Can I have a link to that?

Not truly sure what is meant to happen once you collect all the stuff. Was nice moving around and reading all the little text boxes.

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You might be wondering why its called "Odd one out" well because your just a random man/woman in a basement full of psychopaths.